Why TIBCO for Communications Service Providers

Backed by decades of innovation in infrastructure technology, and a customer roster of leading communications service providers (CSPs), TIBCO offers a unique, event-driven approach to help CSPs enhance the lifetime value of their subscribers and services.

TIBCO's Event-Enabled Platform Harnesses Big Data to Transform CSPs

TIBCO provides a comprehensive, integrated event-enabled platform that bridges the enterprise and network, creating a real-time, event-driven layer that can increase the value of your network, business and operational support systems. TIBCO solutions connect data, systems, and people so events and data can flow throughout your operations and extended value chain. Our innovative event-processing technologies collect, connect and graphically represent events to identify and correlate patterns that signify opportunities and risks, bringing data closer to where the events are actually happening. With real-time information from the business support system, operations support systems network traffic, customer interactions, third parties and other critical events, you can monitor and manage your business from a vantage point that is closer to their subscribers as events are made relevant and actionable with contextual understanding.

As you monitor the events through the enterprise, you act on real-time event streams in the context of history to deploy promotions and policy and security controls at the right time and at the right touch point. A customer upgrading her handset, an enterprise requesting cell information, a machine waking up to send data, a denial of service and a top-up all represent events across a CSP's business that portend actionable moments.

TIBCO Event-Enabled Solutions for CSPs

Fulfillment Orchestration Suite. This comprehensive suite of products accelerates the concept-to-cash cycle by automating the end-to-end process from product definition and design to the efficient and accurate fulfillment of associated orders. Supporting multi-channel ordering and enabling the cross-channel customer journey, the suite reduces the time to market of new product introductions, following a catalog-driven fulfillment model approach by dynamically decomposing complex orders into granular execution tasks for orchestration.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Gateway. A high performance, regulated, monitored, and secure enterprise-wide gateway that provides the functionalities of service abstraction, back-end integration, routing, request authentication, and authorization, orchestration and throttling management with the implementation of policies at each layer of the gateway. It facilitates a single, federated channel to regulate access to services and systems by customers, partners, and third parties.

Policy Orchestration. Telecoms standards-based network policy and charging control framework to facilitate value-based charging and dynamic network resource control. Create service and subscriber differentiation to maximize yield, effective demand management and control.

Payments Orchestration. This modular payments solution enables you to optimize and enrich your cash collection channels, while also positioning your company as a credible vendor to capture new revenues from the payments market space. This solution combines various types of payments instruments such as e-wallets, credit/debit cards or bank accounts through a variety of channels including mobile messaging, STK, NFC, internet, ATMs or PoS, providing a platform that can rapidly create, integrate, and combine payment processing services, enabling innovation and differentiation.

Machine-to–Machine (M2M). Enable machine-to-machine communication using existing infrastructure to increase your addressable market beyond subscribers to include any variety of devices. TIBCO’s framework enables many M2M use cases, among them smart metering, monitoring, and collaboration.

Promotions. A real time event-driven marketing solution that detects and correlates subscriber service usage and network usage events such as call data records as they happen within the operator network. Deliver personalized campaigns and offers based on "next best action" as determined by a contextual, real-time 360-degree view of customer events and data. With more satisfied subscribers, the result is increased ARPU and reduced customer churn.

Track Record in Communications Services

More than 250 communications service providers – including the world's five largest telecommunications businesses – use TIBCO's real-time, event-driven tools and technologies to maximize the value of their subscribers and services, achieving measurable results such as:

  • "Near-perfect service uptime" and improved bottom-line by enhancing first-call-fix ratios through continuous monitoring, anticipating, and proactively addressing service issues (European telecom provider).
  • Productivity gains of up to 50% by accelerating order processing with a 95% reduction in processing errors (European telecom provider).
  • Automated customer on-boarding with retail partners, deploying a common set of front-office applications to provide the same offerings to its entire customer base, increasing customer satisfaction (North American telecom provider).

Low Deployment Risk and Total Cost of Ownership

TIBCO solutions for CSPs typically form a critical link during a service and subscriber lifecycle addressing real-time service exposure, preparation, activation and monitoring. They require extensive integration into the CSP's highly specialized, complex enterprise and network, and as such, are never delivered in isolation. Given TIBCO’s extensive technologies, tools and experience in integration, you can expect low implementation risks in our delivery of critical telecoms products and solutions.

As well, TIBCO's CSP offerings are deployed on open development platforms and designed to enable customers and partners the greatest flexibility to extend and add to the capabilities.


Carphone Warehouse connects its order management, service activation, billing, and CRM systems to provide great customer service.

Carphone Warehouse - Pawel Maszczyk

Carphone Warehouse connects its order management, service activation, billing, and CRM systems to provide great customer service.


Vodafone Germany anticipates service delivery problems, increasing its productivity by an estimated 80%.

Telecom Italia consolidated customer-related applications capable of handing about 24 million network events daily.

Telefonica Brazil improved its product de-installation and billing processes, reducing customer complaints by 60%.

Virgin Mobile deployed integration solutions to support business initiatives with great flexibility.